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Nolte Hills Nursery

The Nolte's had been growing landscape plants for years (much like myself) until the housing bubble caused the landscaping market to crash.  They wisely converted their many greenhouses over to vegetable production and we were excited to offer their local hothouse tomatoes to our fall/winter CSA customers through November of 2010.  A vine ripened tomato in November is a wonderful thing, especially when it's grown just down the road.

Mose Miller Farm, Eli and Yuri Gingrich Farms,
and Missouri Food 4 Missouri People

Mose, Eli, and Yuri are Mennonite farmers utilizing draft horses, wind energy, and their community to grow delicious produce. MF4MP represents these farmers who are unable to reach a market on their own. They are a leader in the farm to school program in Missouri and we are glad to be working with them.  This relationship has provided us the opportunity to offer a wider variety of local produce, especially fruit.

The Bader Family Farms

The Bader's live just north of the Missouri river right outside Hermann and have been farming for generations.  We buy both pork and beef from the Bader's for the Mercantile and our own family.  The Bader's raise their animals on pasture and do not treat them anti-biotics or hormones.  Almost all pork production is done in confinement today and finding local 'dirt raised' hogs is a rarity.

Houston's Home Grown

The Houston's are Scott's sister and brother-in-law.  They live just a few miles from us outside of Hermann.  Paul and Amy raise all of the poultry we sell at the Mercantile.  All of their chickens and turkey are free-range and chemical free.  They continue to diversify the animals they have and are currently raising a few heritage breed hogs.